command bux

D/d for Dun Factor, A/a Agouti, LWO N/N, 5Panel N/N


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Now booking mares for 2016!! Bux will have a limited book this breeding season so book soon!

Command Bux is AQHA & NFQHA Registered
- APHA & ApHC approved - Purebred Arabian mares welcomed

If you're looking for a stallion with an incredible disposition, a quiet mind and a build you can put to work, look at Bux for your mare this year! Bux has training in reining and will continue his training as a mounted shooting and ranch horse. We look forward to seeing him in the show ring!

Bux had an awesome foal crop spring of 2015. He not only put lots of color on the ground he gave his foals his easy going disposition, great conformation and stamped them with his gorgeous head!

- Cooled shipped semen available directly to your Veterinarian!


from Karen and Mark Plumlee:

We will continue his training as an all around Ranch stallion, then begin his training as a mounted shooting stallion. Mounted shooting horses must have a quiet and willing mind and athletic ability which creates a smooth competitor. It's more than just running barrels. They need to go where you are thinking, in order to navigate a set pattern, and we have over 60 patterns. Then they need to run hard and rate back, all while we are shooting 10 balloon targets with 45 calibur single action revolvers. The resulting boom is loud, so horses must be brave and solid to the gunfire.



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